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Welcome to my website,  keeping pages current is always a challenge  - so, if you don't find your perfect by-Tara painting here, contact me and I'll personally share all my latest creations with you. Enjoy!

I'm honored and excited to be part of the "Windows & Doors to History" project at the Marco Island Historical Museum; original paintings of Marco Island history -from archaic to current - by myself & 6 other artists are on display now through the end of the year...reproductions on metal are currently in the make, and will be installed as a unique outdoor gallery along the museum's walls in February.
<One of my 'doors' "Marco Island Footprint, 1965"                                                     

NEXT BIG THING: I've created a limited-edition book of paintings and prose, "Seaside Therapy," to commemorate 10 years  with

Blue Mangrove Gallery!
We'll be holding a reception and book signing
Thursday, December 8, 5-7.

If you'd like to recieve my email newsletter, send me your contact info...I promise never to share your information with anyone.

Currently I am unable to process transactions through this site, some paintings are in my studio & others are at Blue
Mangrove Gallery, my representive on Marco Island. Simply contact me to inquire about purchasing artwork - I accept all major credit cards.

For information on my Drawing the Fundamentals classes taught at Marco Island Center for the Arts click here

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